Trade Services

Trade Services

MeritWise Group assist our clients in the provision of requirements for international banking facilities, trading assistance, and the preparation of trade documentations. Our team of professional personnel's facilitate the opening and upkeep of international corporate bank accounts with leading banks and engulf in the operations and financing of trade activities. If required, our dedicated personnel's assigned to the client can act as signatories to operate client's trade accounts to allow efficient processing of payments or wire transfers; and be the bridge of communications for the clients with the banks.
To ensure that our clients' transactions are seamless, we help in the preparation and administration of all trade documentations which includes obtaining Letters of Credit. We will facilitate the application for the Letter of Credit and its clearance (e.g. Transferable, Back-to-Back, etc) through the preparation and submission of all required trade documents.
MeritWise Group will engage Escrow Agents for assets transactions (e.g. purchase of property, luxury assets and mergers & acquisitions of companies), to provide ease of mind and assurance during the transactional period.